What our department likes most about South Salt Lake:


The Community Development Department likes most the diversity of the city. Unlike other communities that may only approve new single family homes, South Salt Lake provides opportunities and challenges to fit new development into a more urban settling while preserving the character of the community.

Department History


The Town of South Salt Lake was incorporated in 1938 and incorporated into a City August 1, 1950. The Town of South Salt Lake adopted its first building code in September 1941. The first Planning Commission began in 1954 and the City adopted its first comprehensive master plan in 1981.



Contact Us

Director: Michael Florence

Phone: 801.412.3225

Email: mflorence@southsaltlakecity.com

Office Address: 220 East Morris Avenue

Office Hours:  Monday-Fridays

from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

After Hours Phone: 801.483.6000

Community Development


Department Mission/Purpose



Our vision is to make the City of South Salt Lake a safe, attractive, and healthy community.



We provide services that encourage quality and positive investment into the community. We come to work each day prepared to building partnerships with residents, business owners and developers. We build and strengthen the community through planning, outreach, innovation, job knowledge, and mutual respect.


Guiding Principles

We are a professional organization. We are proponents of public investment. We conduct efficient and consistent review and approval processes. We value customer service. We are consistent and reliable communicators. We demonstrate knowledge in fulfilling our job duties.




The Community Development Department is responsible for implementing the community's vision that was adopted as part of the General Plan. The Community Development Department works with residents, elected officials, business owners and developers to bring that vision to a reality. The department works closely with the mayor, city council and planning commission to promote development that is compatible with the community goals and priorities.


Most Significant Functions/Programs of

Community Development


The Community Development Department has four main department divisions and functions:


1. Planning and Zoning

2. Building Inspection and Plan Review

3. Business Licensing

4. Housing and Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Administration


Important Things to know about Community Development


  • The department is made up of nine employees.


  • When a new development or project is proposed the Community Development Department holds weekly pre-development meetings for developers, business owners or residents to discuss their initial plans and improvements. Each department is present at the pre-development meeting so individuals can leave the meeting feeling like they know the next step to take in the development or building process.


  • The Business License Division oversees approximately 2,000 commercial business licenses, 1,000 rentals and 200 home occupation licenses.


  • The Planning Commission is made up of 9 residents. Commissioners are appointed to four-year terms by the mayor and city council. The Commission reviews many of the new projects in the City along with making recommendations to the City Council on general plan, zoning map and ordinance amendments.


  • The Building Division processes approximately 500 building permits a year that range from a hot water heater installation to large commercial buildings.


Department Accomplishments


The department has recently worked with the City Council and Planning Commission on the adoption of a new master plan and form based code for development around the new streetcar stations from State Street to 500 E.


Over the past two years the department has worked with the City Council and Planning Commission to update and rewrite many of its zoning and land use ordinances. These ordinances will help guide and determine the building, landscaping and site design of new residential and commercial buildings constructed in the City.


Because if its proximity to downtown, South Salt Lake has seen a significant housing boom. Since 2006 the City has built 177 new single-family homes, 354 townhomes, and 296 multi-family units.


The department administers approximately $140,000 a year in Federal Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Funding. This funding goes to help with park improvements, emergency home repairs to income-qualified residents, and neighborhood revitalization through the City's Community Connection program.









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