South Salt Lake Community Data

This informative report is provided by Salt Lake County Health Department. It reveals Utah Department of Health data sets that compare South Salt Lake to the U.S. as a whole, the state of Utah, and Salt Lake County.  

This bi-annual report provides insight to the behaviors, attitides and assets of our community's youth.  It is produced by a partnership between the schools and the Utah Division of Substance Abuse, and is provided to us courtesy of the SSL Coalition for Drug Free Youth, now housed in Promise South Salt Lake. 

This report provides a summary of neighborhood revitalization projects accomplished by the Urban Livability Department's South Salt Lake Community Connection from 2011 to 2014.

South Salt Lake Demographic information is provided from the 2015 US Census American Community Survey estimates, including population, ethnicity, income, business and geography.

This report reveals South Salt Lake's effort to promote fair housing.  It explains how we have utilized Community Development Block Grant funds for neighborhood revitalization through the SSL Community Connection Program.   

This report provides indepth information about South Salt Lake by examining conditions among various issues and sub-populations.  It's the most comprehensive snapshot to date of the data that drive the issues addressed through the Promise South Salt Lake partnerships.

Click on the link to the left to access archives of the nationally award winning On the Move South Salt Lake City Newsletter.  The editions are packed with in-depth information about the city and its residents!

The SSL Mental Health Resources Guide was compiled and reviewed by the Promise SSL Mental Health Coalition.  The guide is intended to serve as a resouce to residents and groups that serve the community.  Click on the orange box on the left to access.