What our department likes most about South Salt Lake:


The South Salt Lake Police Department is proud of the relationships it has with other City departments. There are no internal boundaries within the city, and we are all working to accomplish the same mission and working to together to make the City of South Salt Lake a better place to live and to do business.

Message from South Salt Lake Police Chief Jack Carruth


I am honored to be your 18th Chief of Police for the City of South Salt Lake. I have a strong commitment for law enforcement and for the community of South Salt Lake. Working together with our citizens and businesses, we as a department are committed to a transparent relationship that fosters community engagement and improves customer service. As your Chief of Police, I would like to recognize all the men and women that serve our community each and every day. It is their dedication and professionalism that makes South Salt Lake a safer place to live and a quality place to do business.


-Chief Jack D. Carruth


Director: Chief Jack D. Carruth

Phone: 801.412.3609

Email: dcarruth@southsaltlakecity.com

Office Address: 2835 South Main Street.

South Salt Lake, Utah 84115

Office Hours:  Monday-Fridays

from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM

After Hours Phone: 801.840.4000

In case of emergency, dial 911


Police Department


Department Mission/Purpose


It is the mission of the South Salt Lake Police Department to enhance the quality of life in our city by providing quality police services. We are dedicated to upholding the highest professional standards while serving the community. We are committed to the enforcement of laws to protect life and property, while also respecting individual rights, human dignity, and community values. We are committed to maintaining a partnership with our community and assisting citizens in identifying and solving problems to improve the quality of life in their neighborhoods.




The South Salt Lake Police Department includes 59 sworn officers, 10 civilian employees, and several part-time and volunteer employees.The Chief of Police is responsible for administering and managing the South Salt Lake Police Department, and supervises either directly or indirectly all department personnel and implements city policy directives as ordered by the Mayor. The Chief of Police oversees the Deputy Chief of Police, MIS/Building Security, the Public Information/Training Officer, and the Executive Secretary. The Executive Secretary oversees Records. The Chief of Police and Deputy Chief of Police are responsible for strategic decisions centered on overall goals and objectives as well as long range direction of the department.




Three Divisions make up the South Salt Lake Police Department:



•Community Resources


Patrol Division


The Patrol Division is responsible to cooperate with the community in protecting life, property, preserving public peace, preventing crime, responding to calls for service, providing traffic enforcement and control as well as providing other community services.


In addition to uniformed patrol, other units functioning within the Patrol Division include: Traffic, K9, Major Accident Investigations, Force on Force Training, Firearms Training, Field Training, and the Honor Guard.


Investigations Division


The Investigations Division includes General Investigations, Victim Advocates, Evidence, Crime Scene Investigations, Police Chaplains, Street Crimes Unit, Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT), Internal Affairs, and Task Force assignments to include SLCO Metro Gang Unit, and ICE Operation Community Shield Task Force. The Investigations Division is responsible for investigations as directed by the Sergeant and Lieutenant.


Community Resources Division


The Community Resources Unit (CRU) Sergeant oversees the Crime Prevention Unit, Crime Analysis, School Resource Officers and Crossing Guards. The Community Resource Division shall be responsible to cooperate with the community in protecting life, property, preserving public peace and crime prevention. The CRU will partner with the community using Crime Free Rental Housing, Business Watch, and Neighborhood Watch.


Most Significant Functions/Programs of the

South Salt Lake Police Department


  • Crime Free Rental Housing:  As part of our focus on reducing crime in rental housing in South Salt Lake, we have a Crime Prevention Officer dedicated to working with managers and owners of rental housing to prevent and eliminate criminal activity and problem tenants.


  • Neighborhood Watch:  Neighborhood Watch is a program for residential neighborhoods and apartment complexes that encourages people to know their neighbors and watch out for each other.


  • The Good Landlord Program: The Good Landlord Program educates owners and management of multi-unit apartment complexes on how to adopt a zero tolerance policy with tenants in regards to crime, drug use and nuisance issues.


  • Safe Parks Project: In an effort to make visiting the South Salt Lake parks a more enjoyable experience for all visitors, the South Salt Lake Police Department began a program called the Safe Parks Project. If you would like to report suspicious activity in a South Salt Lake park, please call police dispatch at 801.840.4000.


  • Community Policing: The South Salt Lake Police Department has created a system of geographic responsibility called Community Policing Zones (CPZs). The city has been divided into six CPZs, corresponding with the six squads in the uniformed patrol division.


  • Police Athletics/Activities League (PAL): South Salt Lake PAL, one of ten Promise South Salt Lake Neighborhood Center sites, is a positive youth development organization that utilizes educational, athletic and recreational activities to: create trust and understanding between police officers and youth, provide mentoring opportunities to youth, connect youth with strong and positive role models in the community, and create and promote community partnerships and involvement.


  • radKIDS: The South Salt Lake Police Department is proud to be part of the nationally recognized radKIDS family of instructors! radKIDS (Resisting Aggression Defensively) is a national leader in children’s safety.






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