What our department likes most about South Salt Lake:


We like the forward movement with improving our community and the quality of living in South Salt Lake.

Public Assets Department


Department Mission/Purpose


To provide safe and efficient fleet assets, facilities, parks and open space for our residents and employees to work and play.




Public Assets consists of three departments:


1. Parks

2. Facilities

3. Fleet


Most Significant Functions/Programs of the Public Assets Department


  • Preventative maintenance programs.

  • Capital improvements and replacement programs.

  • Daily operations and utilization programs.


Important Things to know about Public Assets


The South Salt Lake Public Assets Department handles over ten concerns, cases or requests per day over-and-above their regularly scheduled duties.


Department History


We have taken the best business practices from each of the three departments, improved them and incorporated three divisions into one unified department.


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Contact Us

Director: Mont Roosendaal

Phone: 801.483.6020

Email: mroosendaal@southsaltlakecity.com

Office Address: 220 East Morris Avenue, Suite 200

Office Hours:  Monday-Fridays

from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM