What our department likes most about South Salt Lake:


We like serving in a small community, which promotes teamwork and camaraderie among all city departments.

Contact Us

Streets Div. Manager: David Alexander

Water Div. Manager: Jason Taylor

Wastewater Div. Manager: Tory Laws

Office Address: 195 West Oakland Avenue

Office Hours:  Monday-Fridays

from 7:30 AM to 4:00 PM

After Hours Phone: 801.483.6045

Public Works Department


Department Mission/Purpose


To improve the quality of life of South Salt Lake residents by overseeing, constructing and maintaining City infrastructure to include sewer, water, storm water, streets, and garbage collection; and providing engineering services.




South Salt Lake Public Works oversees the sewer, water, storm water, streets, and garbage collection. Public Works also provides engineering services to all City departments.


Most Significant Functions/Programs of

Promise South Salt Lake


  • Sanitary Sewer

  • Culinary Water

  • Storm Water

  • Streets

  • Garbage Collection

  • Snow Removal

  • Engineering


Important Things to know about Promise South Salt Lake


Public Works personnel will respond to after hours emergencies.


Department History


South Salt Lake Public Works has completed a number of significant projects over the years. Perhaps our greatest accomplishment has been keeping the infrastructure functioning properly and improving the quality of life for SSL residents.


Department Accomplishments


  • Delivered services to 2,516 youth and families in 2013

  • Keystone component of America’s Promise Alliance Award 100 Best Communities for Youth

  • Recognized as 1 of 6 Model Afterschool Programs in the state by Utah Afterschool Network

  • Recognized in the top 15 21st Century Programs in the nation—featured in National 21st Century Lessons Learned Guide in 2013

  • Markedly increased collaboration between city departments, community organizations, faith communities, and schools