What our department likes most about South Salt Lake:


We like working with residents and business owners to come to a reasonable conclusion on problems, utilizing customer service and partnerships.

Urban Livability Department




To improve the livability of the City of South Salt Lake by fixing problem properties, improving public health, and making neighborhoods clean, safe and beautiful. We also provide Animal Services for the residents of South Salt Lake.




We have three Code Enforcement Officers (one Supervisor and two Officers), four Animal Services Officers (one Supervisor, two full time Officers and one part time receptionist/shelter tech), and one Administrative Assistant


Most Significant Functions/Programs of Urban Livabilty


  • Work with property owners to keep properties safe and clean.

  • Manage animal welfare/service in the City of South Salt Lake.

  • Support neighborhoods with our Community Connection Program - leveraging volunteer hours, donations and the use of block grant funds to make improvements.

  • Remove graffiti on the public right of way, and work with property owners to have graffiti removed from their properties.

  • House the Utility Box Art Program to promote and place art in public spaces


Important Things to know about Urban Livability


Our goal is to work with residents and business owners to keep South Salt Lake clean, safe and beautiful. Please call our department if you have questions or need assistance.




When first elected, Mayor Wood had a clear vision for the City of South Salt Lake. She knew that Code Enforcement and related issues were a high priority to residents and business owners. Knowing this, she pulled together several key personnel and established the Urban Livability Department. The department consisted of four Code Enforcement Officers, two Animal Service Officers – two part time Shelter Technicians, a Secretary and a Director.


This team has taken a proactive approach to known problems in the city, and is working on a daily basis to come to a reasonable conclusion. We are able to work closely with other city departments; Community Development Department, Public Works, Police Department, Fire Department, City Attorney’s Office and the Salt Lake County Health Department.




We have brought together resources to form the Community Connection Program, which has helped residents citywide. Animal Services has the 'no kill' status; we strive to place animals into good homes or rescues. Code Enforcement is willing to work with residents and business owners to come into compliance. We work closely with other departments to fix lingering health and safety issues. We are proactively addressing the abandoned properties in South Salt Lake to keep property values from declining due to neighborhood deterioration.


Contact Us


Director: Antionette Evans

Phone: 801.464.6712

Email: gsmith@southsaltlakecity.com

Office Address: 220 E Morris Ave Suite 300,

South Salt Lake UT  84115

Office Hours:

Code Enforcement/Community Connection

Monday- Fridays from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Animal Services

Mondays from 1:00-5:00 PM

Tuesday-Fridays from 9:30 AM to 7:00 PM

2nd Saturday 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM

After Hours Phone: 801.840.4000






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